5 Tips For Vacuuming Up Pet Hair

September 1, 2013

Owning a pet means dealing with pet hair all over your house and it can trigger an allergic reaction in some people with allergies. For this reason, it is important to get rid of it on a regular basis. Vacuum cleaners that specifically target pet hair are available in most stores and here are a few very basic hints for choosing a vacuum for this specific purpose:the best vacuum for Pet Hair


  1.  In general, upright vacuum cleaners can be much more efficient for cleaning up pet hair because of their motorized brush heads, which are capable of sucking the pet hair out of the carpet fibers.
  2.  Choose a vacuum with a 99.9% dirt and debris removal guarantee and a feature with surround suction. These two features will result in better cleaning as well as greater maneuverability.
  3.  For quick cleanups, versatility and cleaning furniture and drapes, choose a handheld vacuum. Included attachments are definitely a plus and many handheld vacuums on the market today have them. And remember that there are handheld vacuums specifically for pet hair as well, so look for that feature.
  4.  Look for handheld models with turbo-brushes just like their upright counterparts. They drive the pet hair out of furnishings, tight places and under beds where pets tend to hide. Don’t forget to vacuum stairs and car seats as well.
  5.  Look for vacuum models with removable cylinders because they make removing the dirt and pet hair from your vacuum much easier.

Besides checking out the reviews of pet hair vacuum is indeed a good method to make your decision more properly.

Hope this article will be a bit helpful for you and your baby!

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