A Couple of New Pomsky Pictures

September 3, 2013

Recently i have been collecting pictures of Pomsky since i can not stop my love in it.Finally i got these pictures which are taken by other Pomsky Puppies owners.I will be very glad if you share it with your friends.Cheers.




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I am sorry they are a bit messy because i am not an expert of website builder..LOL..Anyway hope you love them!

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7 thoughts on “A Couple of New Pomsky Pictures

  1. Lady0905 on said:

    Sorry to burst ur bubble but second photo from the top is a world famous Pomeranian called Boo. Just Google : Boo The Dog.
    P.S. I don’t think the owner of Boo will be happy to c u post things like that…

    • There is also an Australian Shepherd in that mix and a pup that looks suspiciously like a border collie. Seriously sends the message that this web owner knows nothing about the breed they purport to be promoting.

  2. Hi i would love to know if they have a location at Orlando ,fl to buy a Pomsky puppy or does he have to be ship here and how much in total it would be? :)I’m so excited!!

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