Where Can I Find Pomsky Pups for Sale?

January 12, 2014

Where Can I Find Pomsky Puppies for Sale?

Pomskies are quickly becoming one of the most sought after types of dogs out there, and the fact that they are a relatively new breed (still unofficial) and are in very high demand has made them hard to find. One of the things you should be aware of is that there are dishonest breeders out there that aren’t really selling a Pomsky but are instead offering a different type of dog with similar features in order to make a quick buck. Beware of these fraudulent sellers and certainly take the time to do your due diligence and deal only with honest breeders. This being said there are several reputable breeders offering these cute puppies for sale, you just have to know where to look.

where to find Pomsky for Sale

Internet Search

Doing a simple internet search for “Pomsky,” “Pomskies” or “Husky Pomeranian Mix” will net you dozens of breeders anywhere in the world. The trouble is that you can’t be too sure if the breeder is actually selling you the exact dog you are looking for. First of all, since the breed is still in process, you may find it difficult to get just the right size and color mix you desire. Also, there are some breeders that are posting stock images of the breed and not actually showing you what the dogs they sell really look like.

Contacting the Breeder

All of this means, of course, that it’s very important for you to research the breeder thoroughly before committing to a purchase or worse laying down a deposit. You always want to contact the dealers directly and find out as much as possible about the particular dog you will be purchasing, as well as any information about the puppy’s parents. Usually, you’ll find that breeders are accommodating, will answer all of your questions and are generally happy to provide you with additional photographs if you ask.

If Possible, Visit the Breederuk-pomsky-puppies-for-sale

The internet has brought more and more pomsky breeders and future dog owners together, literally allowing for someone to purchase a puppy from across the continent. But there is still a lot of value in being able to purchase a puppy from a breeder that lives nearby because it gives you the opportunity to visit the puppy beforehand and get a sense for its personality and physical features. Even though shipping isn’t really an issue any more, you may prefer not having the newest addition to the family undergo what could be a stressful experience flying across the nation.

List of Pomsky Sale Websites

For anyone who is unable to physically visit a breeder, here’s a list of reputable online dealers you might want to check out.

Oodle Marketplace – This USA based website that functions as a sort of online classifieds section. You can search and filter by area, category, breed, sex, price as well as keyword.husky

Puppy Find – This specialty website lists hundreds of puppies for sale. You can search by keyword and net a list of results that provide small details about the particular dog. You can expand your view to include full details and even read through the site’s buyer tips.

NextDayPets – This worldwide website includes both puppies for sale and available for adoption. You can search by breed, sex, price and location. This is an excellent place to find all kinds of puppies needing a great home.

Puppy Avenue – This website is full of detail and images, customer reviews, videos as well as a number of other resources for interested buyers. As with other sites you can search by keyword, breed, sex, etc. but the added tips and videos really makes this site stand apart from the rest.


Pomsky Breeders

August 15, 2013

The section below details information and facts on Pomsky puppy breeders. Currently, there is a very small amount of active Pomsky breeders because of the relative newness of the breed and thus, lack of Pomskies. Also, it is important to understand that breeders are still attempting to breed the Pomsky into an accepted, mainstream breed. Once this happens, there will be an influx of both breeders and available pomsky puppies for sale and adoption.

Breeding a Pomsky is a very careful and systematic process. Since the breed is a descendant mix of Husky and Pomeranian, there is an inherent challenge with getting those two breeds to mate. Besides the obvious discrepancy in size between the two, there are also finer differences in their behavior. Due to this, mating is extremely difficult. This article intends to inform you with tips and information on how you can find a Pomsky breeder to get your own puppy.


What is currently being done to breed Pomskies?

Currently, Pomsky dogs are not a purebred but breeders are attempting to change this and create a purebred dog. Most Pomsky puppies will be any combination of traits from it’s two parent breeds. Usually a breeder will find that their Pomsky offspring will retain the features of fur and eye coloring from the Husky. On the other side from the Pomeranian parents, the puppy will get a smaller overall body size and thicker coat of fur around their neck area. While Pomsky dogs are still medium size dogs, breeders are attempting to make the breed smaller. The ultimate goal is to have the breed hit an average of 10 pounds. It is important to keep in mind that this is a very hard goal to obtain because of the drastic size difference between the two parent breeds.

Where to purchase a Pomsky?

There is a lot of attention and hype around Pomsky puppies, but many people do not understand that you will need to go to a specialty breeder to find one. Many people may ask where to purchase a Pomsky puppy, but it is a difficult and lengthy process to get in touch with a breeder and find an acceptable puppy for adoption or sale. This section aims to help you with that process and get you in touch with good and reliable Pomsky breeders. These breeders are experts in the field of breeder and especially with regards to the new Pomsky breed. Our list will continuously be updated as we find more available Pomsky breeders.