Husky Pomeranian Mix – Pomsky Puppy

January 12, 2014

It’s always exciting to bring home a new family member. Choosing your dog is especially fun. One of the most popular breed these days is the Pomsky, which is a mix of a cute and fuzzy Pomeranian with a sturdy and intelligent Husky. You imagine this cute little dog that will always stay small and be playful with family members, right? You may actually realize your dream, but in some cases the dog will grow to be larger than you expected. In most cases that is not a big deal, but it might be the one thing you really don’t want. It’s important that you understand how they are bred and what you can reasonably expect from your new family friend.

Designer Dogs

Pomskies are referred to as “designer dogs” because breeders can select the parents to gain certain physical and personality traits that are desirable. Some people prefer dogs that stay small so a quality breeder may select huskies that are on the smaller side. Some people may prefer that their Pomsky to have the coloration and fur of huskies but the size of a Pomeranian, so that will be the goal of the breeder. As a potential family member of a Pomsky it is necessary that you take the time to talk to the breeder about their selection and breeding methods to assure that you get what you expect with your purchase. The best thing you can do is contact the Pomeranian club of American to learn about where quality breeders are located so that you make the best choice possible.
Husky Mix Puppy SalesYou should ask the breeder what type of dogs are used for breeding so you can have a better idea what you should expect with your puppy. If a larger husky is one of the parents, you may get a dog that weighs about 25 pounds in adulthood, with a medium build. If that is not what you are expecting, you should let the breeder know. If eye color is important ask for pictures of the parents and the offspring. If they can’t provide that for you, you may want to find a different breeder. You are making a purchase that will live with you for at least 15 years and one that will cost you in the neighborhood of $1500, so you have every right to have your expectation, especially for a designer dog.

How to make sure you buy well

Research Pomskies so you know what type of personality to expect, the dog’s temperament, their fur type, and size. These dogs vary, so if you are looking for something in particular, you can discuss these details with the breeder you decide to work with toward your purchase.
another-2-pomeranian-and-husky-mixDiscuss with your breeder what you expect regarding credentials and paperwork, which they are required to provide to you. If they give you a runaround, you should stop the process and look for another breed you feel you can trust. The paperwork should include vet check for diseases or illnesses, and shots. There should also be DNA testing included to verify the type of dogs used to breed you Pomsky. This also goes to the payment method. A breeder should accept a PayPal payment or bank transfer. If they insist on a money order or cashier’s check, you should walk away. If you are purchasing the animal from afar, you should require an interview over the phone at the very least. It is best, however, to try to make the purchase at a local breeder if at all possible. The main thing you should keep in mind is that your new friend is a lifelong investment you must protect at all cost.

Where Can I Find Pomsky Pups for Sale?

January 12, 2014

Where Can I Find Pomsky Puppies for Sale?

Pomskies are quickly becoming one of the most sought after types of dogs out there, and the fact that they are a relatively new breed (still unofficial) and are in very high demand has made them hard to find. One of the things you should be aware of is that there are dishonest breeders out there that aren’t really selling a Pomsky but are instead offering a different type of dog with similar features in order to make a quick buck. Beware of these fraudulent sellers and certainly take the time to do your due diligence and deal only with honest breeders. This being said there are several reputable breeders offering these cute puppies for sale, you just have to know where to look.

where to find Pomsky for Sale

Internet Search

Doing a simple internet search for “Pomsky,” “Pomskies” or “Husky Pomeranian Mix” will net you dozens of breeders anywhere in the world. The trouble is that you can’t be too sure if the breeder is actually selling you the exact dog you are looking for. First of all, since the breed is still in process, you may find it difficult to get just the right size and color mix you desire. Also, there are some breeders that are posting stock images of the breed and not actually showing you what the dogs they sell really look like.

Contacting the Breeder

All of this means, of course, that it’s very important for you to research the breeder thoroughly before committing to a purchase or worse laying down a deposit. You always want to contact the dealers directly and find out as much as possible about the particular dog you will be purchasing, as well as any information about the puppy’s parents. Usually, you’ll find that breeders are accommodating, will answer all of your questions and are generally happy to provide you with additional photographs if you ask.

If Possible, Visit the Breederuk-pomsky-puppies-for-sale

The internet has brought more and more pomsky breeders and future dog owners together, literally allowing for someone to purchase a puppy from across the continent. But there is still a lot of value in being able to purchase a puppy from a breeder that lives nearby because it gives you the opportunity to visit the puppy beforehand and get a sense for its personality and physical features. Even though shipping isn’t really an issue any more, you may prefer not having the newest addition to the family undergo what could be a stressful experience flying across the nation.

List of Pomsky Sale Websites

For anyone who is unable to physically visit a breeder, here’s a list of reputable online dealers you might want to check out.

Oodle Marketplace – This USA based website that functions as a sort of online classifieds section. You can search and filter by area, category, breed, sex, price as well as keyword.husky

Puppy Find – This specialty website lists hundreds of puppies for sale. You can search by keyword and net a list of results that provide small details about the particular dog. You can expand your view to include full details and even read through the site’s buyer tips.

NextDayPets – This worldwide website includes both puppies for sale and available for adoption. You can search by breed, sex, price and location. This is an excellent place to find all kinds of puppies needing a great home.

Puppy Avenue – This website is full of detail and images, customer reviews, videos as well as a number of other resources for interested buyers. As with other sites you can search by keyword, breed, sex, etc. but the added tips and videos really makes this site stand apart from the rest.


What to Expect from Your Pomsky Puppy

November 7, 2013


You’re likely reading this because one of the hundreds of images you’ve found online have all but convinced you that Pomskies might be the cutest dogs you will ever see. But with all breeds (and this non-breed) you want to be sure you know what to expect. Here are a few things to consider:

How Big Will A Pomsky Get?

This is perhaps one of the more popular questions you hear anyone interested in owning a Pomsky ask. Since specialty breeders are still perfecting the process of turning the Pomsky into a real breed, there will be a huge variety in available sizes. Adult Pomskies can range anywhere between 15 to 25 pounds, but breeders are gradually getting Pomskies down to about 10 pounds, which is the intended goal for breeders.

The actual size of a Pomsky when it is fully grown really depends on the size and genetics of its parents. A general rule is that fully grown Pomsky will likely be about half of the total weight of its parents. This being said, all you have to do is add the weight of the two parents and divide by half to get a fair idea of how large your Pomsky will get.

What Will My Pomsky Look Like?

Most dog lovers are searching for Pomskies that are small like Pomeranians but have the colors of Huskies. Their coats are usually soft, silky and long and will consist of a mix of colors which include white, black and grey. While husky colorings are preferred, you may also find Pomskies in what are usually Pomerian colors including red, black, grey, brown, etc. Eye color can be brown, green, amber, hazel and also have the typically ideal husky light blue. Some Pomskies even have bi-eyed colors. Pomskies are often described as having narrow, fox-like faces with pert ears, but these features depend largely on the parents’ features as well. For instance, both huskies and Pomeranians usually have erect ears, so you could expect a pomsky to have erect ears.

How Much Will My Pomsky Shed?

You should probably know beforehand that Pomskies shed a lot of hair. Most will shed twice a year in periods lasting as much as 90 days. Their soft and silky coat, which most closely resembles that of a husky’s, also needs to be cared for and ideally brushed at least once a day and twice a day during shedding periods.

How Much Will My Pomsky Shed

What Can I Expect from A Pomsky?

Because Pomsky is still a relatively new breed that is basically a mix between a Husky and Pomeranian it’s probably a great idea to learn a little about each of these breeds to get some understanding of what to expect from a Pomsky. As Huskies are naturally gentle and playful, so too will see Pomskies with these traits. Pomskies also develop personalities that demonstrate their quiet, curious and loving natures. They’re always keen to learn and will look forward to playing with adults, children as well as other small dogs.

Pomskies are also diggers. Energetic ones. So if you have a garden you cherish you may want to watch your Pomsky any time it’s let out, or invest in training your dog not to dig. In general, you want to keep your Pomsky well-exercised, since this will also help prevent them from  developing problematic behaviors. Usually, a couple of walks per day is fine, but for extra energetic ones be sure to set time aside for some extra vigorous playtime or running around to help them use up that pent up energy.

A Couple of New Pomsky Pictures

September 3, 2013

Recently i have been collecting pictures of Pomsky since i can not stop my love in it.Finally i got these pictures which are taken by other Pomsky Puppies owners.I will be very glad if you share it with your friends.Cheers.




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Pomsky Breeders

August 15, 2013

The section below details information and facts on Pomsky puppy breeders. Currently, there is a very small amount of active Pomsky breeders because of the relative newness of the breed and thus, lack of Pomskies. Also, it is important to understand that breeders are still attempting to breed the Pomsky into an accepted, mainstream breed. Once this happens, there will be an influx of both breeders and available pomsky puppies for sale and adoption.

Breeding a Pomsky is a very careful and systematic process. Since the breed is a descendant mix of Husky and Pomeranian, there is an inherent challenge with getting those two breeds to mate. Besides the obvious discrepancy in size between the two, there are also finer differences in their behavior. Due to this, mating is extremely difficult. This article intends to inform you with tips and information on how you can find a Pomsky breeder to get your own puppy.


What is currently being done to breed Pomskies?

Currently, Pomsky dogs are not a purebred but breeders are attempting to change this and create a purebred dog. Most Pomsky puppies will be any combination of traits from it’s two parent breeds. Usually a breeder will find that their Pomsky offspring will retain the features of fur and eye coloring from the Husky. On the other side from the Pomeranian parents, the puppy will get a smaller overall body size and thicker coat of fur around their neck area. While Pomsky dogs are still medium size dogs, breeders are attempting to make the breed smaller. The ultimate goal is to have the breed hit an average of 10 pounds. It is important to keep in mind that this is a very hard goal to obtain because of the drastic size difference between the two parent breeds.

Where to purchase a Pomsky?

There is a lot of attention and hype around Pomsky puppies, but many people do not understand that you will need to go to a specialty breeder to find one. Many people may ask where to purchase a Pomsky puppy, but it is a difficult and lengthy process to get in touch with a breeder and find an acceptable puppy for adoption or sale. This section aims to help you with that process and get you in touch with good and reliable Pomsky breeders. These breeders are experts in the field of breeder and especially with regards to the new Pomsky breed. Our list will continuously be updated as we find more available Pomsky breeders.

Pomsky Puppies for Sale

August 15, 2013

Pomsky puppies are extremely popular among new dog owners, and because of their extreme demand it can often be hard to find a puppy for sale. But do not worry about it, here we are. We Pomsky Lovers Club have researched and selected almost the whole internet finally we have found a dozen of pomsky breeder info and put them into a list. Due to the security issue of their privacy, they require us could send it via private email rather than publish them on public. However, the only thing you need to do is join Pomsky Lovers Club which you can find on your right-hand (Important: you MUST promise that you will not spread it without permission). Then you will receive a list with all the breeder info selected by us as soon as you confirmed your free subscription.

Related source: the Pomsky is not yet an official breed, and because of this you will see many differences or variations between Ponsky puppies. Adult Pomskies will generally weigh in between 15 and 25 pounds. Breeders are actively working to get the standard adult Pomsky weight down to 10 pounds.

We provide this website as insight for our readers, and we hope that it will help you in finding the information you are looking for when it comes to Pomskies. If you are still looking for additional information, you can read the other articles posted on this site regarding Pomsky puppies. As the breed continues to grow and mature, we will be continuously updating our informative articles.

Keep in mind, the Pomsky is a mixed breed between Huskies and Pomeranians. Understanding these breeds and their behavior will help you to understand and raise a new Pomsky puppy.

Pomsky Puppies for Sale

Currently, we are gathering all locations of current Pomsky breeders in all countries. Because this breed is so still so new, we are only in our elementary stages of located Pomsky breeders as there are only very few active breeders at this time.

If more people can bring exposure to this new breed of dog, the interest in owning Pomsky puppies can help accelerate the breeding process and make owning a Pomsky puppy a possibility.

You can read additional information on Pomsky breeders on our site if you click the words, “pomsky breeders!


What Is The Usual Asking Price For A Pomsky Puppy?

August 11, 2013

There exists a whole lot of different factors where pomsky puppies prices do go on the average. Each pricing matrix may differ, and this depends on the breeder specifically, because each breeder does have his or her own individual asking price for these very special dogs. Usually, a person will pay anywhere from 1000 to 3000 dollars, and the majority of prices do fall between, somewhere between $1500 and $1800 range overall. The prices for pomsky puppies is something that is indeed influenced by the capitalistic marketplace, and the going price is something, which is usually determined by both supply and demand. Because people do have a strong interest, as well as curiosity about designer dogs, breeders can take this fact and decide to hike the pomsky puppy prices even higher if they so wish to.


Some puppy stores are also not what they are cracked up to be. This is because there are the perfect front for very greedy breeders and fraudsters to take people for a ride by providing them with fake pomsky pups. It is very wrong to try and pass off fake Pomskies are real puppies to those who don’t know the difference or suspect it.So i strongly suggest you learn what a real pomsky is.

Those who are looking to purchase a Pomsky puppy will quickly learn that the pups that do have certain markings and colors do go for a high asking price. This is mainly because they are associated with Siberian Huskies and that is why. Pomsky puppies that are smaller, and who also do have blue eyes, go for even a higher premium price than all of the others.

Here is a list of pomsky breeders, if you are looking to buy a pomsky puppy for yourself

There are some breeders out there who will ask you to pay a surcharge if you would like a pick of the litter. This is sort of similar in a way to a home builder who would probably charge a whole lot more, if you would want a premium lot, which would be the best one compared to the other lots. A premium lot that is within a tract development is usually one that is much bigger, does offer a whole lot better view, and has other attributes that make is special. The very same can be said about pomsky puppies in a way, because you will pay for the best features, which they do possess on the average. Breeders know what people do want when pomsky puppies are born in a litter, and because they do know this, people will tend to pay a lot more because of these random appearances. Breeders do know that people will pay what they have to, in order to get the one puppy they do desire to have for themselves.


Because of all these costs, and due to the reality that there are only a certain number of breeders available, those who might end up owning pomsky puppies need to remember to add in the amount it will be in expense to transport the puppy, as well. Transportation costs are something which the breeder can arrange, but it is a hefty cost, and this cost only adds in to the overall cost of the puppy itself in the end. The transportation costs for getting a pomsky puppy to its new owner can range anywhere from $250 to $500. There are some breeders who ask that the perspective owners do pick up the puppies themselves, because they do want to ensure that the puppies will be safe, as well as healthy in every way. The costs for transportation of pomsky puppies can go up, but it all depends on certain aspects, and these certain aspects do range from the distance itself, the amount of time needs to make one round trip, and the costs of gas, the wear and tear on a vehicle, lodging cost, meals, and also taking time away from work too. This can quickly add on a thousand dollars in price to the overall price for a Pomsky Puppy.

Also, an additional cost, is one that you will have to factor into. It is the cost for preparing a home for the pomsky puppy, and this cost does include food and supplies for said puppy, as well as any veterinarian bills that can come up due to shots and other required medical treatment in the future. The cost of a new Pomsky Puppy in this area can easily add on an additional over $4,000 in price, and this doesn’t include the general baseline, which can end up being an expected range of that of $2,200 to $3,200 easily.

When one does consider all of the factors for pricing given here, coupled with the infancy of the breed itself, and also the very real lack of informational documentation where its health is concerned. Also, just how good of a breed it is in longevity, as well as in age, this is something that makes one think about owning one of these special puppies. Prospective owners shouldn’t take pause, but they do, because of the concerns just cited herein.

Home Supplies for Pomsky Supplies

August 9, 2013

When getting a brand new Pomsky Puppy there are some small home improvements that are suggested so that the puppy is kept safe from harmful objects around the house. While it is natural for many different dog breeds to be intrigued by every little thing they see a small Pomsky Puppy is just as curious. As a result, this article will attempt to suggest some things that can be prepped around the house as well as a few supplies that will be help keep the dog safe and well maintained.

Home Improvements
Because the Pomsky Puppy is more likely to be indoors more then they are outdoors it is highly advised that the following precautions be taken care of around the home. Some of the ways this can be done is by sealing all hardwood floors with polyurethane sealant to keep any odors out, paint the walls with a semi – gloss type of paint so that cleaning is easier, and dog proof the entire house so that any rugs, breakable objects, plants, and chemicals will not be destroyed or accessed by the Pomsky Puppy. Another important note to keep in mind is that because every breed of dog is naturally allergic to bee stings it is highly recommended is to check for any hives or nests around the outside of the house as well as in any surrounding trees. Finally, if there is no shady areas around a doghouse is a nice suggestion.

Limiting Accessible Areas
Although it is important to give any dog enough space to exercise and stretch out it is equally important to limit where a dog is able to freely roam while in the house; this is where baby gates, playpens, and other related devices come in. One commonly used device is a baby gate that is also used to limit where babies are able to go when they begin crawling or walking. This also limits the space where a dog is able to stretch out and still have limited access to certain areas of the house. The most common type of baby gate to use is the side design where it is easier for anybody to pass through instead of climbing over to get to the other side. Playpens are another type of device that will limit the amount of access allowed but still provide an adequate space for the Pomsky Puppy to safely play. This also allows owners to leave the dog unattended while doing small chores around the house. Finally, crates can be used for general purposes and are made out of different materials including wire, plastic, and canvas and can also be used to transport dogs when going somewhere.

Puppy Supplies
Having a comfortable place to sleep is equally important to dogs as it is to people. Although it is okay to treat a dog to an expensive bed younger puppy beds should not be as expensive because they are liable to ruin it. As they get older buying a pricey bed might be okay. Another important factor to consider is the safety of the Pomsky Puppy when purchasing dog bowls. It is advised to buy stainless steel bowls as they can’t be chewed into plus they wont break. Plastic bowls can be chewed into and causes bacteria to grow throughout the bowl and ceramic bowls can cause potential choking or cutting hazards once broken.

When it comes to cleaning up messes left behind by a Pomsky Puppy it is important to keep in mind that if the mess is left uncleaned it can not only leave a nasty odor but it can also send a message to the dog that that spot is the place to go when relieving is needed. In order to keep this kind of situation from happening use enzyme based cleaners to completely eliminate these and other kinds of odors brought to the home from the dog. Other cleaning supplies that are suggested, aside from standard and those that are
meant specifically for pet odors, it is advised that all cleaning supplies are safe enough to be used around pets and that wet wipes be kept handy to wipe dirty paws off.

Like several other Pomsky Puppy and other dog products when it comes to collars, leashes, and other related devices there is a lot to choose from. To begin, it is advised that a dog trainer be consulted before purchasing any of these products because they will be able to recommend the best collar or leash specifically for each dog. The usual recommendations usually call for a simple collar, and a non retractable leash. Some suggestions in regards to leashes include the types that are made with cotton nylon, or leather and are four to six feet in length.
hygienic cleanersHaving a clean dog is an all around good thing. As a result, there are certain hygienic cleaners that can help get any dog clean and smelling their best. It is advised to ask a veterinarian what types of shampoos and conditioners are recommended as human shampoos and conditioners will leave a dog’s coat and skin all dried out. Also dental health in dogs is as equally important as it is for humans. Although it can also be equally expensive, dental care for dogs is simply preventive health. In some cases dogs have to be put to sleep in order to properly clean their teeth but there are toothpastes that can be used that are dog specific.

While the majority of all the main supplies that will be needed to take care of a dog has been basically covered there are some other items that will be proven beneficial to any dog owner. Such things include dog treats and snacks that can be given as a reward for doggy obedience. Other important supplies are any kind of pet grooming utensils used to keep a Pomsky Puppy looking their best. Also blood stop powder, and chewing deterrent sprays are essential items to keep on hand for wounds and other related needs.

In conclusion, there are several things to consider when a Pomsky Puppy comes into the picture. From the things that need to be dog proofed and cleaned up around the house to the many supplies and regular treatments that all dogs require it can prove to be a lot. However, because dogs are man’s best friend it is something that is worth while and makes having a dog around a simple joy in life.