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November 17, 2013


Everything you need to know about the Cockapoo breed and purchasing them

While not “formally” recognized by most of the leading licensing boards and organizations in the dog world, Cockapoos (a mixture between a cocker spaniel and a poodle) have been an amazingly popular breed of dogs ever since the early 1950s.

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of breeders out there right now working to push the Cockapoo breed just a little bit further into the future than it was when they first got started, producing absolutely fantastic looking animals that are also amazingly healthy. Think of the Cockapoo as the very best of both worlds when it comes to cocker spaniels and poodles – with a unique look, attitude, and personality that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

That being said, you definitely need to make sure that you understand the Cockapoo breed before you become a Cockapoo owner – and you’ll also want to focus on a number of very important things when looking to purchase a new dog. Some of these things seem rather simple and straightforward (and not a little bit obvious), but there are probably a handful of things in the information below that you simply were unaware of.

Here is the “inside information” you’ve been looking for in regards to the Cockapoo breed, hopefully giving you the answers that you’ve been searching for while at the same time all but guaranteeing you end up with the very best Cockapoo on the planet.

As a mixed breed, Cockapoos are amazingly intelligent and also take the best qualities from each sideCockapoo

It’s been long understood that mixed breed dogs are far smarter and in purebred dogs, if only because different DNA is introduced into the bloodstream and bloodline and would have been introduced otherwise. There’s only so much interbreeding that you can do before you start to deplete the gene pool in dogs, and that’s why “mutts and mongrels” are regarded as so much more intelligent than in purebred animals.

On top of that, Cockapoo dogs take the best of both worlds when it comes to pulling from their cocker spaniel and poodle ancestors. Cockapoos are rather strong (but a bit on the small side), and enjoy a fantastically friendly and loyal personality – specific traits as a “deal” or borrow from their cocker spaniel ancestors.

From the poodle side, Cockapoo dogs get amazingly elevated intelligence, a coat that doesn’t shed, and an anti-allergy far that won’t upset people who cannot be around “traditional” dogs. If that’s not the best of both worlds, then I just don’t know what is.

At the same time, Cockapoo’s don’t have to deal with all of the different health challenges that cocker spaniels and poodles have to every single day. They’ve almost been able to enjoy a built up an enhanced immune system and an elimination of the other genetic diseases that are traditional with each of the two “parent” breeds – allowing you to stay out of the vet far more often than you might have been able to otherwise.

Cockapoo dogs also enjoy a tremendously long life

Compared with other dogs that at most live to be around 10 or 12 years of age, a Cockapoo can expect to live anywhere between 18 and 22 years – with some Cockapoo dogs living to be 25 or older with no real hassle whatsoever. They are smaller dogs (with sturdy little frames), but they are amazingly energetic and are able to keep their youthful glow for years and years whereas other breeds lose that lust for life somewhere around eight or 10 years of age.Cockapoo puppies for sale

As a mixed breed, there is no specific “Cockapoo standard” – at least not one that is recognized by any official organization. Breeders have specific designations that they attach to the Cockapoo dogs they raise, with three distinct and different “classes” that you may or may not be interest.

You have the teacup toy Cockapoo dogs that are supposed to be shorter than 10 inches tall and weigh less than 6 pounds. You also have the toy Cockapoo dogs that are anywhere between 11 and 14 inches tall (but always weighing less than 12 pounds), and then you have the standard Cockapoo dogs – 15 inches or taller and weighing over 12 pounds.

Cockapoo for Sale

Different “types” of Cockapoo dogs are going to be better for different personalities or lifestyles, so make sure that you’re purchasing the right dog moving forward.

You also want to make sure that you are always purchasing a Cockapoo from a reliable and reputable breeder that you can trust, someone who has already established a track record in the industry and a person that has been breeding Cockapoo dogs for years and years. This is nonnegotiable, as you don’t want to contribute to the epidemic of “puppy mills” that are cropping up all around the globe.


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