Husky Pomeranian Mix – Pomsky Puppy

January 12, 2014

It’s always exciting to bring home a new family member. Choosing your dog is especially fun. One of the most popular breed these days is the Pomsky, which is a mix of a cute and fuzzy Pomeranian with a sturdy and intelligent Husky. You imagine this cute little dog that will always stay small and be playful with family members, right? You may actually realize your dream, but in some cases the dog will grow to be larger than you expected. In most cases that is not a big deal, but it might be the one thing you really don’t want. It’s important that you understand how they are bred and what you can reasonably expect from your new family friend.

Designer Dogs

Pomskies are referred to as “designer dogs” because breeders can select the parents to gain certain physical and personality traits that are desirable. Some people prefer dogs that stay small so a quality breeder may select huskies that are on the smaller side. Some people may prefer that their Pomsky to have the coloration and fur of huskies but the size of a Pomeranian, so that will be the goal of the breeder. As a potential family member of a Pomsky it is necessary that you take the time to talk to the breeder about their selection and breeding methods to assure that you get what you expect with your purchase. The best thing you can do is contact the Pomeranian club of American to learn about where quality breeders are located so that you make the best choice possible.
Husky Mix Puppy SalesYou should ask the breeder what type of dogs are used for breeding so you can have a better idea what you should expect with your puppy. If a larger husky is one of the parents, you may get a dog that weighs about 25 pounds in adulthood, with a medium build. If that is not what you are expecting, you should let the breeder know. If eye color is important ask for pictures of the parents and the offspring. If they can’t provide that for you, you may want to find a different breeder. You are making a purchase that will live with you for at least 15 years and one that will cost you in the neighborhood of $1500, so you have every right to have your expectation, especially for a designer dog.

How to make sure you buy well

Research Pomskies so you know what type of personality to expect, the dog’s temperament, their fur type, and size. These dogs vary, so if you are looking for something in particular, you can discuss these details with the breeder you decide to work with toward your purchase.
another-2-pomeranian-and-husky-mixDiscuss with your breeder what you expect regarding credentials and paperwork, which they are required to provide to you. If they give you a runaround, you should stop the process and look for another breed you feel you can trust. The paperwork should include vet check for diseases or illnesses, and shots. There should also be DNA testing included to verify the type of dogs used to breed you Pomsky. This also goes to the payment method. A breeder should accept a PayPal payment or bank transfer. If they insist on a money order or cashier’s check, you should walk away. If you are purchasing the animal from afar, you should require an interview over the phone at the very least. It is best, however, to try to make the purchase at a local breeder if at all possible. The main thing you should keep in mind is that your new friend is a lifelong investment you must protect at all cost.

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  1. Cat Cote on said:

    Hello there I’m interested in a blue eyed pomskie. I’d like to know where you are located and how much your pups are. I would prefer a female if possible Thanx Cat

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