Love Pomsky at First Sight

August 3, 2013

As this puppy is by far the cutest of its kind, any Pomsky lover would surely believe in the saying, “love at first sight.” A Pomsky is a combination of breeds: a Pomeranian and a Husky.
Pomeranian dogs are covered in a blanket of fur and normally quite small in size. This history behind this breed of dog stems from royalty. Queen Victoria was the most famous Pomeranian royal breeder. Not only did she innovate the breeding of Pomeranian’s in a variety of colors and size but she was also the proud owner of a red Pomeranian puppy. On the other hand, Huskies originate from Siberia explaining why they are often called Siberian huskies. Huskies can often be found in films, with their remarkable coat and attractive appearance, they easily stand out.


Pomskies could be compared to a teddy bear in a shop, adorable, soft and cuddly. As they are quite a rare breed of dog, they are hardly seen in pet stores. Should you be stuck deciding what present to give to you child, a Pomsky is the answer. They are the perfect present as they are child-safe, friendly and playful.

Though they hardly grow, they are quite smart and loyal dogs that provide great fun and love for anyone Lucky enough to get one. With their cute size, Pomskies are the perfect lap dog, fitting easily upon your lap whether you’re an adult or a child. Both good-natured and loyal, this beautiful dog is suiting to make a lovable, treasured pet. Compared to a child, a Pomsky shows the same behavioral qualities. Both playful and bubbly, for couples not yet ready for a child, a Pomsky is by far the best substitute.

When getting a Pomsky, both their health and need for grooming has to be considered as they deserve to be loved and looked after properly. In exchange for a good bed for them to rest, a Pomsky will give you a lifetime of happiness and with the correct nutrition; a lifetime of respect and love. Since this breed of dog is very active, a good level of nutrition is crucial to fueling their energy to play and run around.

Pomskies are very good natural dogs and have a great temperament but, they are known to wander off frequently. By far the most pleasant dog on earth, they are great when participating in games and other entertaining activities. Seen as the up-to-date competitor to the Chihuahua, the increasing popularity of this dog breed has become known to all parts of the world and has been adored by many during pet shows. It truly is an amazing hybrid dog that comes with limitless reason to have.

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