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August 15, 2013

The section below details information and facts on Pomsky puppy breeders. Currently, there is a very small amount of active Pomsky breeders because of the relative newness of the breed and thus, lack of Pomskies. Also, it is important to understand that breeders are still attempting to breed the Pomsky into an accepted, mainstream breed. Once this happens, there will be an influx of both breeders and available pomsky puppies for sale and adoption.

Breeding a Pomsky is a very careful and systematic process. Since the breed is a descendant mix of Husky and Pomeranian, there is an inherent challenge with getting those two breeds to mate. Besides the obvious discrepancy in size between the two, there are also finer differences in their behavior. Due to this, mating is extremely difficult. This article intends to inform you with tips and information on how you can find a Pomsky breeder to get your own puppy.


What is currently being done to breed Pomskies?

Currently, Pomsky dogs are not a purebred but breeders are attempting to change this and create a purebred dog. Most Pomsky puppies will be any combination of traits from it’s two parent breeds. Usually a breeder will find that their Pomsky offspring will retain the features of fur and eye coloring from the Husky. On the other side from the Pomeranian parents, the puppy will get a smaller overall body size and thicker coat of fur around their neck area. While Pomsky dogs are still medium size dogs, breeders are attempting to make the breed smaller. The ultimate goal is to have the breed hit an average of 10 pounds. It is important to keep in mind that this is a very hard goal to obtain because of the drastic size difference between the two parent breeds.

Where to purchase a Pomsky?

There is a lot of attention and hype around Pomsky puppies, but many people do not understand that you will need to go to a specialty breeder to find one. Many people may ask where to purchase a Pomsky puppy, but it is a difficult and lengthy process to get in touch with a breeder and find an acceptable puppy for adoption or sale. This section aims to help you with that process and get you in touch with good and reliable Pomsky breeders. These breeders are experts in the field of breeder and especially with regards to the new Pomsky breed. Our list will continuously be updated as we find more available Pomsky breeders.

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93 thoughts on “Pomsky Breeders

  1. Rozen Christine Lalas on said:

    Hi there!
    I am very interested in getting a pomsky puppy and I am having no luck finding any breeders in Los Angeles. Please let me know if you can help point me in the right direction!

    • Hi Rozen,
      Actually after a lot of work we have found some pomsky breeders available. However, i am not so sure whether it is available in your area, but i would suggest you submit our subscription to get the breeder info for free. In fact, our team have been constantly searching and confirming those info published online(as you know there are tons of fake info on internet). We will keep every subscriber informed.

      Pomsky Lovers Club.

      • Hello Rozen,
        You mentioned that you found some pomsky breeders available, can you please publish or send me this list? I am willing to travel, if that is what it will take to buy one of these puppies. I joined this site because I thought that there was going to be some information on Pomsky’s and I cannot find anything. What is the Pomsky Lovers Club and is there a headquarters or someone that I could call and talk to? Any information that you have will be really helpful!

      • Hello, we are as well looking to get a legit pomsky breeder in or around the LA area. Please contact me if you know of any.
        I appreciate your help,


    • Kat Tasillo on said:

      I too have looked on line,and on Pomskie Lovers but have not yet come up with one .
      I used to work for a sib kennal they some time would collect the sperm and then inject it (I dont know how to sugar coat it)
      Why cant the breeders of pomskies do the same I realy want a puppy and am having no luck finding a breeder

  2. I Think these Pomsky puppies are very beautiful, I’d love to get in contact with someone to get to know more about the breed it’s self and etc.. If anyone can contact me it would be much appreicated thank you, and Hope to hear from someone soon.


  3. Winston Diaz on said:

    Good afternoon, my name is winston diaz my wife and children and I are interested in learning more about the Pomsky breed. Do you know if there are any Pomsky breeders in the Miami Fl area or in the state of Florida.

  4. Hi there ,

    I’m totally in love with the pomskys :-) I live in london and was wondering if someone knows any good breeders in the uk ?

  5. Shelly Sargent on said:

    I am hoping this is a legitimate site.. my soon to be husband and I are a military couple with no children in the home at the present time..both my children are older and Craig has not had any due to 4 deployments and not wanting to leave his ex-wife with the responsibility of caring for children without him.. we are looking forward to creating our life together by starting out with a new addition of a precious pomsky to our home before we begin our invetro process..

    we have been drawn to the pomskies because as a military family we can only be allowed a certain type and size breed of dogs.. Craig and I are drawn to the beauty of huskies and pomeranians inside and out..in the past I have had the privilege of mothering a red nose pittie and a bull mastiff bulldog, Zena and Brutus, who were my and my kids’ world and very much part of our family before they passed.. and Craig in the past has loved and cared for two Chihuahuas, who he has lost rights to in a divorce.. we have made several attempts to contact other breeders but never a response was given.. we have the money and are close enough to make the drive.. we have a nice home filled with love and would love the opportunity to share our love story, with a new addition, beginning our life together.. we live in Oklahoma and willing to make a drive.. can you lead us to a legitimate breeder?

      • stephanie on said:

        I am very interested in getting a pomskie puppy, but i’ve started looking online and having issues finding them for less than 2,000. I would be willing to travel alnost anywhere in the u.s from illinois

      • Samantha on said:

        Did you have luck on breeding any puppies? If so, what part of Oklahoma are you located in and how much is a puppy?

      • Candi Bunch on said:

        I am in AR and would dearly love one of these puppies! I have a chihuahua/terrier mix. She is 16 1/2 years old and I know her days are numbered, even though she is in good health. I am a veteran with depression and anxiety issues. I would like to have a new puppy to help with my issues and to lessen the blow when mine does leave this world.

  6. mendez federico on said:

    Hola estoy muy interesado en los cachorros de pomsky pero soy de Mexico de Hidalgo. Alguien sabe donde puedo comprar uno?

  7. valerie on said:

    Im interested in purchasing a pomsky m. Im from Corpus Christi Texas. I find these dogs very amazing and my children would love one. Hope there’s some near me :)

  8. Hi my name is Kaci, I’m interested in buying a pomsky. I’m from Michigan, if anyone knows where to get one around my area please let me know! Thank you!!:)

  9. jodean on said:

    I have been loiking for a long time for a pomsky. I get no where. Can some one just answer the easy question of , where can I purchase a pomsky ? Oi would appreciate it.

    • Gerald Tinnon on said:

      Jodean, I am with you. Hell bent on buying a pomsky and can get virtually no information… Some names, some locations, some pups for sale….. just something.

      • Im in northern ireland, Amy, we are awaiting bitch going into heat.. we are hoping to have a litter by marcg/april time next year, we would deliver to uk port at an exra charge, but only loving homes for my pups ii want and will sell too.. they will start at £750-£100 depending on markings, coats etc..

    • Im in northern ireland, Amy, we are awaiting bitch going into heat.. we are hoping to have a litter by marcg/april time next year, we would deliver to uk port at an exra charge, but only loving homes for my pups ii want and will sell too.. they will start at £750-£100 depending on markings, coats etc..

  10. Regenia on said:

    I saw some online articles that stated pomskies generally run anywhere from $100 to $500. Has the price of pomskies become lower and they are more available or are these irreputible breeders offering them at this price?

    • Myrrie Bloxham on said:

      the difference in size, combined with the popularity, and newness of this designer breed makes this possibility of 100-500 “seem too good to be true” so buyer beware would definately apply–sounds like a good possibility of scamming.

  11. I have a pomsky puppy 3 mos. old. It’s a male. We call him porkie:) cause, he loves too eat ! And has a pop belly pig belly, so cute!! He’s got tan, dark brown, blonde, some black colors on him. He’s got all his shots, been wormed twice, been given a no flea medication. Our vet say he won’t get bigger than 6 or 7 pounds full grown. He’s 3.4 pounds now. If, interested u can text or call Pam at 479-856-1398. Live in fayetteville, Arkansas I can email u pics:) Thank You

    • Tyra on said:

      Hi Pam! I just recently saw this, and I know it was published back in Nov… But could you please tell me where you got your Pomsky puppy?? I too live in Fayetteville AR and would really like to get one… Thank you!! :)

  12. I live in Corpus Christi Tx and looking for a breeder near my area. Sometime in the next year I’m willing to buy a cute little guy and would also like to know the price it’ll be for him.

  13. I’m in middle school and my family likes huskies but we want a small dog. We live in Monmouth county and have 3 people living in our house and we don’t want the dog to make a lot of noise but it can make noise to a extent. Is a pompsky right for us and where can we get one Thx

  14. Jobe Christon on said:

    Looking at trying to surprise my wife at Xmas with a Pomsky puppy but am having zero luck with finding a breeder in TX. Please help!

  15. Ashlynn Wilson on said:

    Any idea if their are any pomsky breeders in Oklahoma cause my daughters really been wanting a pomsky wanting to get one sometime after Christmas?

  16. We are currently looking for a dog for my husband that is done with be done breeding. I am not sure how much time I have left on hearth and feel my service DoD would be best with another child when I am gone. I would like to help my husband find the bundle to help ease his heart. Any pointers are greatly appreciated.


  17. We are currently looking for a dog for my husband that is done with be done breeding. I am not sure how much time I have left on hearth and feel my service DoD would be best with another child when I am gone. I would like to help my husband find the bundle to help ease his heart. Any pointers are greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for you time


  18. Ali Atakhanov on said:

    Looking for a blue eyes pomsky puppy with white and black colors. I’m willing to pay couple hounder $ extra to get one of them ASAP. I’m in Denver, CO.

    • Bridget on said:

      Hi. My daughters and I are looking for a pomsky to add to our family. We are also in the Denver, CO area and having no luck finding a local breeder. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You

  19. Hi we have a chance to purchase a pomsky puppy the mother is a pomsky and the father is a husky is that a good mix ? Or should both parents be Pomsky

  20. Olivia on said:

    Hi I am interested in adopting or purchasing( not sure how to phrase it) a Pomsky in the Boston area, or even in Massachusetts! If you know of any reliable and close breeders please let me know! Thanks so much.

  21. justine on said:

    Hi my name is Justine I’m looking to buy a pomsky maybe two for my family me and my husband have three girls a set of twin 7 yes and 6yrs we currently have no animals I’m are home as a newly married couple I have grown up with plenty of animals my mother was a animal rescuer now she is a dog groomer she won top salon in us three yr in a roll at petsmart tell she went to her own pet store she trained me once I saw the pomsky I know there coat will need a lot of attention but I and my family fell in love please contact me if your a pomsky breeder and are willing to sale a pomsky puppy please at 805-7582188 thank us

  22. Jillian on said:

    Hi! I am interested in getting in touch with a Pomsky breeder. I live in NJ, but I am willing to travel to find my puppy! If you can please provide me with any breeders you may know of in the northeast I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!

  23. Hi! My husband and I are interested in getting in touch with a Pomsky breeder here in Alabama! A Pomsky will definitely be our next dog! Can you e-mail me or msg me on facebook with any information that you have?
    Thank you!!!

  24. I found a couple Pomsky breeders. One of them (apexpomskies.com) currently has a full waiting list but you can check back in a couple months.
    The other one doesn’t have their website up but I spoke to them and am on their wait list so I should have a Pomsky within 6 months!!!! https://facebook.com/MidwestPomskies

    You can also check rose peek Pomskies and frozen river Pomskies I didn’t get a reply from them though.

  25. Dayanara on said:

    Hi live in Missouri and looking for a pomsky puppy in the Columbia to Kahoka area in Missouri thanks [:-bd][:))]

    I added cool smileys to this message… if you don’t see them go to: http://s.exps.me

  26. Cindy Secord on said:

    I am very interested in getting a pomsky puppy and I am having no luck finding any breeders in La Crosse WI. Please let me know if you can help point me in the right direction!

  27. Kia Quander on said:

    I live in Washington DC, and i am looking for a pomsky puppy for sale. I am willing to go as far as Durham NC to get one. Anybody know of any?

  28. Stephanie on said:

    I am Looking for a pomsky. I am willing to travel and pay. My husband is on his second deployment and I’d like to surprise him with one on his return.

  29. Jamy Aucay on said:

    Hello everybody, I am trying to find breeders for a pomsky and cheap too! Thing is where I live, in NJ, they go past $2,000 mark. I was wondering if someone can help inquire information or breeder, it would be great, my email is perfectpushupjamy@gmail.com or maybe you can point me in the right direction. Also if they are vaccinated and up to date with its health information would be great too.

  30. Irvin on said:

    Hi there I’m trying to find a pomsky puppy near Dallas Tx. If you know anything near Dallas, Tx please let me know can’t seem to find anything! Thank you

  31. Katrina on said:

    Hello my name is Katrina and I am super interested in getting a pomsky for me and my girls. I am looking for a breeder in Houston or in surrounding areas. Please point me in the right direction.
    Thank You

  32. Cam1234 on said:

    Hey I’m interested in buying a pomsky in Florida and I’ve looked all around the internet but I didn’t find anything): if anyone knows about a pomsky breeder in Florida please let me know.

  33. lora clayborne on said:

    I am trying to get a pomsky puppy for my family, but I’m not having any luck. I live in houston and can’t find any. Can you please help me out. I information or breeder.

  34. Natalie Waters on said:

    Hi. My partner and I are looking into getting a Pomsky next year but I can’t seem to find any breeders in the Uk. We are situated in London so it would be best if there were breeders in England however we are willing to travel to get one.

  35. Hi! I’m looking for a loving Pomsky Puppy that looks more like a husky preferably in southern CA, but willing to travel, we MUST meet the puppy in person! We’re a loving couple that has time, love, and money to give a puppy a great life. We’d prefer a boy but not set in stone on that. jenj777model@yahoo.com

  36. I really want to get a pomsky but can’t find any. I live in Panama City Beach, Florida. Please let me know if there are any nearby. Thanks

  37. I am looking for a pomsky breeder in Alabama,or surrounding areas. My two year old seen one and fell in love. Can someone help me out?

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