Pomsky Puppies for Sale

August 15, 2013

Pomsky puppies are extremely popular among new dog owners, and because of their extreme demand it can often be hard to find a puppy for sale. But do not worry about it, here we are. We Pomsky Lovers Club have researched and selected almost the whole internet finally we have found a dozen of pomsky breeder info and put them into a list. Due to the security issue of their privacy, they require us could send it via private email rather than publish them on public. However, the only thing you need to do is join Pomsky Lovers Club which you can find on your right-hand (Important: you MUST promise that you will not spread it without permission). Then you will receive a list with all the breeder info selected by us as soon as you confirmed your free subscription.

Related source: the Pomsky is not yet an official breed, and because of this you will see many differences or variations between Ponsky puppies. Adult Pomskies will generally weigh in between 15 and 25 pounds. Breeders are actively working to get the standard adult Pomsky weight down to 10 pounds.

We provide this website as insight for our readers, and we hope that it will help you in finding the information you are looking for when it comes to Pomskies. If you are still looking for additional information, you can read the other articles posted on this site regarding Pomsky puppies. As the breed continues to grow and mature, we will be continuously updating our informative articles.

Keep in mind, the Pomsky is a mixed breed between Huskies and Pomeranians. Understanding these breeds and their behavior will help you to understand and raise a new Pomsky puppy.

Pomsky Puppies for Sale

Currently, we are gathering all locations of current Pomsky breeders in all countries. Because this breed is so still so new, we are only in our elementary stages of located Pomsky breeders as there are only very few active breeders at this time.

If more people can bring exposure to this new breed of dog, the interest in owning Pomsky puppies can help accelerate the breeding process and make owning a Pomsky puppy a possibility.

You can read additional information on Pomsky breeders on our site if you click the words, “pomsky breeders!


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136 thoughts on “Pomsky Puppies for Sale

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      • m in n.ireland i will have a litter im march/april time awaiting bitch to go into heat.. They will be £750-£1000 a pup if needed delivered to a port in the uk it is an extra £40 as footpassanger.. Depends on markings and coat etc..

        • hi just wanting to know did you have any luck breeding your pomsky puppies,,if so iv a friend whos very intrested ,can you let me kno if and when they will be ready thanks :)

          • Heather Kerr on said:

            Hi there awaiting bitch’s going into heat I’ve 2 ready in the next month or two, I’m hoping to have pups by April join my Facebook page pomskies ni and that will keep you updated :-)

          • Gregory on said:

            Hey,i was meant to understand that your in need of a pumsky puppy?if yes kindly get back to me so we can proceed as we have pumsky puppies for sale.we hope to read from you soon if you have not yet gotten one.here is my private email. cruz_ann63@yahoo.com

        • Been looking for a pomsky and had no luck .we have been looking for a puppie for about a year and we feel a pomsky puppie would be perfect for our family .please email as soon as possible thankyou.

          • Gregory on said:

            Hey,i was meant to understand that your in need of a pumsky puppy?if yes kindly get back to me so we can proceed as we have pumsky puppies for sale.we hope to read from you soon if you have not yet gotten one.here is my private email. cruz_ann63@yahoo.com

        • stephen stewart on said:

          I am very interested please get back to me my number is 208-351-5642 via text. My wife and I would love another pup. we actually would like to see about getting breeding rights?

  2. I’d like info on the way the Pom and the Hus are bred. I know that Female Poms are the dangerous way to do it and it might ham her, Could a breeder contact me with info on how they proceed with the breeding process? I mostly just would like information to share with my friends who also wish to know how it’s done.

  3. Linda Templeton on said:

    I am a long time husky owner and they have been the only breed I have ever been interested in until seeing these little Pomskies. My brother has had a Pomeranian who was a great little dog and I think the combination of the two breeds would make for a great personality. That being said my husband is a truck driver and has always wanted a smaller statured dog that he could take with him in his truck. As he is an avid Husky lover we both agreed that this might just be the dog we”ve been looking for. Our dogs are walked off leash for a minimum of 2 hours per day. I am assuming that the Pomskies would also enjoy that. Could you please forward me further information of this breed as well as information as to where we might get one. We live in Oshawa, Ontario. Thank you so much,

  4. Daniel on said:

    I live in swansea in the UK and recently saw one of these for sale in neighbouring england. I would really like some info on where i could find a breeder in the uk if you could help me out that would be great. Thankyou. Dan.

  5. I am desperate for a Pomsky!
    I’ve been looking for a while and I can’t find them for sale in the UK anywhere!
    Can someone PLEASE help me find one!
    It will be greatly loved!

  6. Andzelika on said:

    I’m desperate for a pomsky too please tell me where i could get one from the UK and how much for, please i really want one.

  7. Kerri Hulderman on said:

    Please send information for pomsky puppies. I am located in West Virginia? Any info would be greatly appreciated..breeder, prices etc. Thanks

  8. Laurie on said:

    I am interested in a pomsky if there is any being bred in the uk. My boyfriend and I have wanted one for quite a while now but never got any luck finding one. I’d like to try and get him on as a surprise Christmas present if anyone is breeding any over the next month in th uk please message me. Also does anyone know the price range in uk? Thanks

  9. Crystal Terrone on said:

    God morning. I love these little dogs. I’m very interested in purchasing one. Where or how would I go about getting this information?

  10. Kristen ray on said:

    Hey was wondering if anyone knows where I can get a pomsky puppy I’ve practically gone through ever page on the internet and can’t find any

  11. Please I have been wanting a pomeramian or a husky but could never pick this is my dream come true. I want one so back of anyone know where I can get one please email me ms.vodkamontes@gmail.com I’m so much a dog lover and I dobt care what gender I just want a sweet little pomsky :)

  12. My name is Jen, I’ve had two huskys over the course of my life, and both touched it in a way humans never could. I would really like to be able to get a pomsky as a companion. After my Poseidon died, I just couldn’t move on for a long time. But I’m ready to open my heart once more.

  13. I fell in love with Pomskies..a far cry from the St. Bernards my husband and I bred in N.J. I will soon be moving to Mobile AL and am looking for a breeder in LA, AL, or FL. TN and MS would also be possible for me. Please contact me with info and prices. Thanx!

  14. Mikala on said:

    I live in Indiana and would love to find a pompsky breeder. How much do these go for since they have not perfected the mix yet? Can you send me some info where I can get one? I would be willing to drive some or pay shipping.

  15. Jenny Prince on said:

    I am interested in a Pomsky puppy, what is the price range and how many are available in NYC? Is there any info on where I can get one? I have no preference over male or female and have a wide price range. I would also prefer (if possible) a smaller pomsky.

  16. Hi :)
    My boyfriend and I are moving into an apartment and would love to get a puppy. We are looking at getting a pomsky. Do you have any idea of where to find one in Virginia? We would be so happy and appreciative! Thanks so much.


  17. Barbara-Jean Blood on said:

    What a beautiful pup. As soon as I saw a picture I was in love with this breed Pomsky’s. I’d never seen or heard of them before, what a Beauty, I’d love to view some, I myself would love a blue eyed female if possible, not to breed, but just as a pet, so if the breeder has changes in price if they spay, thats fine, I’m not interrested in breeding rights, just a new puppy, the colors I’m not even sure of, I guess I’ll fall in love with what I see, I don’t think I’ve seen a more adorable pup, and pricing , so I know what I’m in for is also important, along with transportation, I hate having the pup flown here, it scares the puppy too, so they start off confused. I’m in Massachusetts and hope there is a closer breeder to me with in driving distance, if not I’ll have to do what I can to get my pup home to me :) thankyou for any information you can supply to me.

  18. Katniss on said:

    I would like to know why these breeders choose to remain private. I don’t trust private breeders nor the way they breed dogs and treatment of them.

  19. hi I have an American eskimo and I want one the highest price ill go is 600 I want to breed them I was thinkin I could get it may 5th that is my daughters birthday it is going to be a surprise for her she is turning 10 please email me back as soon as possible thank you for youre time

  20. For all of you looking for Pomsky Breeders go to Pomsky Club of America or go to Apex Pomskies or Tcpomskies.com both of these breeders are also on facebook. Both have been taking applications for wait-lists. The average prices for a 50/50 split is $2400-2900 and a 25/75 split can go up to $3500. Can you find cheaper ones? Yes but the good breeders use the best Huskies and the best Pomeranians to achieve the best eye color, sizes, and markings as well as full coats. I’ve seen some for $900 and they are cream colored..etc.. that’s not what they’re supposed to achieve. They should be approx.20lbs with the coat of a pomeranian and markings of a husky. Good Luck!

  21. I breed both akc registered Siberian huskies and ckc pomsky. We are just now getting started with breeding them. My Grey and white Siberian husky has piercing blue eyes she’s off my 5th generation of siberian huskies she also one of my smallest girls weighing in at exactly 29 pounds, I have her great grandparents, grandparents onsite as well as brothers and sisters from different litters on site. Our male pomeranian is a handsome parti black and white he’s akc registered to, this litter was artifical insemated and will be due July 17th! My Grey and white females grandmother is red and white and shes due August 12th. My Email is enchantedxhuskies@yahoo.com please feel free to visit my website and Facebook page for pictures i can also provide you with additional pictures

  22. If your seeking a Pomsky we will be having a litter around March-May 2015. Mother is full blooded CHAMPION sired and registered. Father is full blooded Pomeranian. We’re wanting to get a few names down already because they go so very fast. But because she is not pregnant yet, we do not know how many she will have. We are located in Arkansas. We can deliver and/or meet. There pricing will be between $3000-$4000 depending on there markings when born. For questions, or to put your name down, please email me.

  23. Interested in a pomsky puppy around early spring. I live in Wisconsin and need a smaller dog no bigger than 15 lbs. Please email me back if you have legitimate info on a trusted breeder. Thanks Angela

  24. Faith kennels on said:

    We are expecting a litter of Pomsky puppies the first week of November. Right now we are putting together a potential buyers list for when our babies are born. There will be a $500 deposit to hold your puppy. We at Faith kennels believe in responsible breeding, so they will come with a spay/neuter agreement. Please feel free to contact us at contactfaithkennels@gmail.com with any questions. We look forward to talking to you and possibly placing one of our babies in their forever home.

  25. Hello to every one here if you are looking to adopt a posmky puppies please do contact me as we have a few growing up now text me @ 4067098288

  26. Jordan on said:

    My uncle is highly considering getting a pomsky puppy but does not want to pay $1,000 or more. My uncle’s Husky he had for 15 years passed about 2-3 years ago and we live in Niles, Ohio. He seen an add for a breeder in Indiana but the person was asking way too much. If someone knows of anyone who isn’t too costly and close by I’d be much obliged. You can reach me at Hedge9595@gmail.com

  27. Chad Pate on said:

    I live in Texas and am interested in a pomsky puppy. Would you please send me info on breeders in Texas, Louisiana, and/or Oklahoma? I am willing to travel among those three states. chad@ott.news and my number is 936.254.5050. Thank you!

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