Finding a Pug Puppy to Make it Your Own

November 9, 2013

A puppy truly is a bundle of love and joy, even more so when they are Pug puppies.  Pugs are cuddly little creatures that crave attention from their owners.  These dogs have a short-muzzled face, curly-cue tails, a deep chest, and they make the cutest snorting sounds, which makes them quite distinctive from other dogs.

Choosing a Pug Puppy

With Queen Victoria’s patronage of the breed, the popularity of Pugs grew rapidly.  For the famous dog shows in England, Pug’s became an integral part of this show.  You can find many Pug puppies for sale.  When it comes to choosing a new pug puppy, you should consider the following:

  • Never judge a Pug by their stern facial expressions.  Pugs have temperaments that are friendly and cheerful and they love children.  They get easily excited and love to play.
  • Pugs are very sensitive to the tone of the human voice, although they are extremely gentle dogs.
  • A Pug is an ideal pet for owners who want to keep an indoor dog.
  • A Pug is an excellent watchdog and they are very dutiful to their owners.
  • Pugs are a very friendly breed that gets along well with other pets.
  • Pugs need a lot of attention, when they do not get enough attention they are likely to become jealous and often will sit in a corner to sulk.
  • Pugs usually range from ten to fourteen inches in length/height and generally will weigh up to eighteen pounds.
  • Due to their short muzzles, Pugs are sometimes prone to respiratory issues.  In addition, it is common with this breed are weak eyesight and knee problems.
  • In extreme weather conditions, Pugs may feel uncomfortable.
  • Pugs require a lot of physical activity so that they do not become obese.

Pug PuppyIt is also a good idea to consider the way the puppy will respond to your children.  Initially, there may not be instant bonding; however, the Pug puppies will be happy to see the kids.  It is also important to make sure the Puppy maintains a glossy coat that is neat, his bright eyes should be wide apart, and the ears should be twisted.  In general, Pugs are apricot, fawn, or silver in color, but you can also find black Pugs at certain breeders.

Pugs are a type of dog that has been bred to be a lap dog.  They were raised for Chinese Emperors during the Shang Dynasty.  It was not long before the popularity of the Pug rapidly grew in Tibet.  Tibetan monks maintained the dogs as companions, and as the tides changed, the dogs became even more popular in Europe and Japan.    During the sixteenth and seventieth centuries, this was the first dog breed to be imported by the Dutch East Indies Trading Company merchants.  The Pug is a breed of dog that has been revered by royalty known as Mary the II and William III.  In Italy, Pugs have been dressed like their owners in matching pants and jackets.  After being dressed to the nines, the dogs would then sit beside the coachmen of the coaches of the rich.

Pugs have a history that is very interesting that travels around the world.  This breed is considered to be a lot of dog confined to a small space.  Pugs have a boastful personality and are often very rambunctious.  They are also loving, perky, loyal, affectionate, and playful.  The Pug is a breed that has a relaxed disposition and is completely happy, but they are also very clever and mischievous filled with a heart of gold.

Pug owners are required to understand that this breed does require a great deal of one-to-one attention.  There are times when they can become jealous if they are not played with regularly and are the kind of dogs that must be doted on.  They are a great loyal indoor companion and they are excellent with other pets and children.  If you decide to purchase a Pug, you will be purchasing a companion that is beloved and cherished; these dogs have a big heart that is very warm.

When it comes to training your Pug, there are quite a few tips that can help you:


When it comes to house training your new puppy, there is not one single tactic that works better than another does.  In the same way that all humans differ from each other and possess their own unique characteristics and needs, so do Pugs.  Before you settle in to one training method over another, it is a good idea to consider the characteristics of your Pug.

Consider Your LifestylePug puppies for sale

You should take your lifestyle into consideration as you begin to housetrain your puppy.  Different lifestyles require different types of training tactics.  For some people a method that is schedule based will work well if you have someone who is home the majority of the time.  This method will most likely not work very well for those who work busy schedules.  It is important to choose training methods that fit within your lifestyle.

The Physiology of the Pug

All dogs have different physiologies.  It is important to make sure you take the time necessary to understand the way they operate.  Particularly, it is important to understand that this breed has a urinary bladder that is very small and they will need to urinate in shorter intervals than other breeds.  They have a digestive system that is similar to humans.  They have to relieve their bowels very often.  It is important to understand this physiology so that you can avoid any possible conflicts that could arise.

Consistency is the Key

You have to be patient and consistent when you are training your new puppy to be sure you reach the desired results.  It is important for the first few days of training that you be prepared for any “accidents” that could be deposited in your living areas, especially near your shoes.  You should also be prepared to step in some wet spots as well.  The key here is not to overreact.  Until your puppy learns from their training, these may be common occurrences.

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3 thoughts on “Finding a Pug Puppy to Make it Your Own

  1. Adrianna on said:

    I love this article it helps let me know how to take care of a pug. I have not got one yet but I will be getting one soon. I really enjoyed this article thank you for making it.

  2. Adrianna on said:

    I love this article it helps let me know how to take care of a pug. I have not got one yet but I will be getting one soon. I really enjoyed this article.

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