Scottish Terrier – Where to Find Puppy for Sale?

November 13, 2013

Your family would like to add a new addition to your family, a dog.  Now is when you get to find the right one dog for your family.  As you all discuss you decided that you would all like a Scottish Terrier.

Scottish Terriers

The Scottish Terriers have a unique shape and are the smaller breed of the terrier.  These dogs are originally from Scotland.  This particular breed has a small sturdy built and has very short legs.  They are bold and active dogs.  They are also affectionate.

They have a soft undercoat and their top coat is wiry.  They do need to be groomed frequently.  You will want to take them to a professional groomer approximately every 2-4 weeks.  They also should be brushed daily. Scottish Terrier

These dogs are very alert, energetic, and intelligent.  When this dog is socialized and trained properly they make an excellent addition to your family.  They do tend to be vocal and also stubborn.  They also require plenty of exercise regularly.  They do well with running or going on a brisk walk.  These dogs make excellent pets for all types of homes.

They very easily attach themselves to one or two individuals within the family.  They will be closer to them than the rest of the family.   They are excellent with children when they are socialized properly.

Purchasing Scottish Terriers

As you are looking on how to find your Scottish Terrier there are many ways to do this.  You can look on the internet or in your local paper.  These are just a few examples but there are more ways. You will also find that some of the sellers on the internet are willing to ship the dogs to you.  This is another option if you would be interested in it.

As you are looking for the right dog for your family you will want to take into consideration a few things:  do you want a puppy or an adult?  Do you want a male or female?  These are just a few examples of some of the questions you will want to discuss with your family.

A price range for a terrier go from approximately $550 to $2200.  The ages range from 9 weeks to an adult.   As you are searching you will want to keep in mind that these dogs are usually eleven inches tall and will weigh approximately 19 to 22 pounds.  They can also live approximately fifteen years or more.Scottish Terrier for sale

They are available in three different colors:  black, brindle, or wheaten.  You may also see that some of the dogs are registered.  The registered dogs are less likely to get health conditions.

Since you and your family have decided on a Scottish Terrier now comes the fun of deciding which one you would like to take home.  Whichever you decided, a male or a female, puppy or adult, you find your life will change forever.  The love of a dog is like having another member of your household loving you.  You will also find that when you bring home your dog that you just found another friend.

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