Scratching Out The Itch-The Right Flea Treatment

October 20, 2013

Let’s face it: we love our dogs. We cuddle them, we take them for walks, and we take the utmost care of them. They are our family, and they reciprocate our love right back to us. So when you see your beloved pet scratching at a flea, it is nothing to be ignored.

As many of you know, fleas are tiny parasitic organisms that takes the blood from any living creature it can get attached to. They have been proven to carry disease and cause great discomfort. Also, they are notoriously difficult to exterminate, once their numbers increase (which will happen if left unchecked).

Fortunately, there are a plethora of options on the market today to not only safely and effectively remove fleas from your pet and home, but to continually repel them, making for a clean and parasite free environment.


Collars, collars, everywhere, with pills and drops to drink

But which kind should you get? And what types are even available? You should customize your selection based on the following considerations.

Environment – Is your animal an outdoor dweller, a couch denizen, or do they go in and out? Will you treat just the animal, or does bedding or carpeting need to be treated as well? Different remedies are meant for different environments, so make sure to consider this when making a selection.

Animal Size-When you finally decide to purchase a product, keep in mind that larger animals may require different doses than smaller ones. Make sure to read all literature that comes with a flea treatment, to ensure the proper dosage is given.

Delivery Method-Make sure you are familiar with what type of method your pet may prefer. Some finicky pups dislike wearing a collar, so a topical drop may be more suitable. And many dog owners may prefer giving an edible treatment to their best friends. Also, check with your vet and see which method may be more effective.

Timing– Some treatments are only given once. Others, once a month. Collars must be replaced a few times a year. Make sure you are well educated on when to treat, as not to give too much.

Opting for the best Option

Fortunately, the internet offers many helpful ways to make sure you receive a quality treatment that many consumers have tried and seen success from. Once you have a general idea of what kind of treatment to get, here are five popular and effective suggestions that you may find are perfect for your needs;

Capstar Flea Treatment

This treatment is in the form of 6 caplets, which can be given to a dog from 2-25 lbs, once a day. Customers report fleas dying and jumping from their pets within 15 minutes!

Healthy and safe, however a secondary prevention plan should be applied to their surrounding area to ensure the fleas do not persist.

Bayer Topical Treatment For Dogs

This flea removal product comes in the form of drops which are applied to the back of the dogs neck, once a month.

This product works on any dog 7 weeks and older, and Bayer offers different treatments depending on your pets weight.

Many consumers who purchased this report that the drops keep fleas away for the full 4 weeks.


Little City Dogs CHICKEN FLAVORED Flea Killer Capsules for Cats and Small Dogs

Incredibly safe. Can be used on puppies, dogs, pregnant and nursing animals. Can be administered once a day if necessary.

Very easy to apply. Simply add to food by combining it with your dogs favorite meal.

Those who bought this reported immediate and potent effects, with much more content pets after it as administered.


PetArmor Topical Flea & Tick Treatment for Dogs and Puppies

This medicine I given as a topical treatment on the skin, for dogs 22 pounds and under.

PetArmor treatments are waterproof. No need to reapply after a bath or if your dog gets caught out in the rain. It also boasts a 30 day slow acting ability, so only monthly doses are needed

Dog owners that tried this were overjoyed at its non irritating agents and rapid effectiveness

Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control for Dogs and Puppies

Perfect for medium to large sized dogs, from 22-58 pounds. A powerful topical formula, given monthly

Waterproof, one package comes with enough treatment to keep your pet flea free for 6 months!

One of the most popular products on the market! Thousands of animal lovers recommend Frontline for its price and efficiency.

Whatever product you choose, remember that you’re doing more than killing fleas. You’re saving your friend and making them healthy and fit.


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