Top 5 Toys For Dogs – Fetching The Right Toy For Your Puppy

October 5, 2013


It seems that finding a great toy for a dog is more work than it should be. It is either hit or miss most of the time, and a lot of toys end up in a corner gathering dust, while that one special toy gets worn out in a matter of weeks.

So before you hit the stores attempting to find that special new toy, take a moment and consider what exactly your pet may or may not like. Not only will your pet thank you, but your wallet will as well.

One idea is to take some things from around the house and let your dog try and play with them, just to see what size, texture or shape your pet prefers. Try old shoes, clothes, even a tennis or other sports ball. This is a good way to determine what your canine would enjoy. If you have small children, try the same thing with a noise making toy. Some animals love to chase around something that lets out its own sound.

Once you’ve eliminated some ideas, make sure the toy is size appropriate. Many dogs simply enjoy the act of carrying around their favorite toy, moving it to a better place to renew their efforts to tear into it.

Which is a perfect seaway into another thing to consider; the toy’s durability. Dogs love squeak toys, but the cloth ones rip apart easily, leaving fluff everywhere. Rubber squeak toys are much more durable, which means less money spent over time.

Once you’ve weighed your options, it’s time to go to your local pet store and find that perfect toy. Here are some very popular choices that might just make your dog jump for joy.

1.Nylabone Durable Dental Dinosaur Chew Toy


Nylabone Durable Dental Dinosaur Chew Toy


This line of durable, multi-shaped chew toys satisfies your dogs urge to chew, while keeping teeth clean and breath fresh. They have a size for every weight class, different dinosaurs to choose from, and they digest easily. A great choice for any size pet.



2.Smarter Toys IQ Treat Ball Toy

Smarter Toys IQ Treat Ball Toy

An innovative toy that challenges your pet! Place your dogs favorite treats or food inside, and watch as your dog pushes it around to find a way to get the treats to spill out. Variable difficulty for smart pets. Good for animals of any size or age, to keep them mentally and physically stimulated.

3.Kyjen Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle Toy For Dogs

funny toy

This fresh take on a squeak toy is perfect for those dogs that love hide and seek. It is a plush tree stump that you stuff plush squirrels into, and your dog works to pull them out. Comes in different sizes for any breed. Machine washable and very safe.

4.ChuckIt! Medium Ultra Balls


A classic that never disappoints! Made of highly durable, high bouncing rubber, this easy to clean dog ball is ideal for those active pets that love to fetch. Floats on water, so it can be used in pools and ponds. Compatible with the ChuckIt! line of ball launchers, for maximum enjoyment.

5.KONG Extreme Dog Toy

KONG Extreme Dog Toy-Black

Easily the most durable toy on the market, these toys were originally designed for police and military canines. Made for larger dogs that aggressively chew, this large, rubber toy will not falter, even under the most strenuous conditions.Unpredictable shape means an interesting bounce, and it can also be stuffed with treats.

Finding the right toy for your pet is a labor of love. That feeling when your pet is happily playing with their favorite toy is unlike any other. Once you find the right plaything for your best friend, you can be assured that everyone wins.

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